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about tennisshoesreview.com

Tennis is not just one more kind of sport, it a way of living. Most people think that tennis players have a great life full of excitement, which is true but it still takes a huge amount of work.

Just forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and, as you probably understood, my passion is tennis. My mom bought me my first tennis shoes when I was 10 years old and since that time I fell in love with this kind of sport.

Why did I decide to be a children’s tennis coach? It’s easy to answer. I have two gorgeous sons and I found out that they have the same interest as I have.
Moreover, it’s very important to know which shoes are best and which are not good enough. Therefore, I want to share all my experience with them and others.
In my reviews, you will be able to find the information about any shoes.
I am always open to any suggestions and will be happy to know your opinion.

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I’m always open for any kind of cooperation, so don’t hesitate do send suggestions and feedbacks at [email protected] or via a contact form. I’m not receiving any rewards or free product from manufacturers for my reviews. Just to mention.